“More than a project, ComParte is a family.” - Pro of Education

We work in collaboration with all those involved in the systems.
We function as a family, in which the contribution of the Pros, Decision-makers, Team, Partners and Friends is fundamental.


We consider citizens as Pros. They are the ones who experience the systems and feel the impact of decisions taken at different levels.

Thus, the Pros are specialists in knowing what works best and what can be transformed in the social systems they belong to, due to their experience as users and participants.

Currently, ComParte works with Pros in the area of ​​Education (youth/students) and Integration (refugees, beneficiaries of international protection and asylum seekers).

We focus on collaboration between Pros and decision-makers to build systems that work at their best. In the Education area, we listen to young people from all over the country and create moments where everyone can share their ideas and suggestions directly with decision-makers. In the Integration area, the Pros share their experience of being hosted and integrated in Portugal and thus contribute to a system that adapts itself to each one's needs.

The Pros maintain a close and trusting relationship with the project team and contribute both to the organization of activities and to the dynamization of the spaces at ComParte's home.

decision makers

Decision-makers are specialists in making decisions aimed at the continuous improvement of the structures of society for which they are responsible, enhancing collective well-being.

The relationship of trust and openness with decision makers within each system of society is a pillar of ComParte's methodology.

By recognizing the importance of the Pros' experiences and suggestions, the Decision-makers open themselves to testimonies and quality information, essential to the development of policies adapted to the reality on the ground.

In this interaction, decision makers also find an opportunity to explain their positions and decisions, contributing to a climate of collaboration and mutual appreciation. The richness of shared visions and collaboration is based on this reciprocity.

ComParte works with decision makers at the micro and macro levels in the areas of Education and Integration.

"I've had several moments listening to young people, but I've never been to a meeting like this where the relational dimension came to the table so much."

-Decision Maker, Education

“Seeking to understand reality, based on civic participation and the active voice of those who are deeply involved in it, is the inspiration that ComParte brings to us and that can only leave us fascinated and grateful.”

-Decision Maker, Integration

The following entities received and integrated the experiences and recommendations of the Pros:

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
High Commission for Migration
Lisbon City Council – Social Rights Department
Social Security Institute - Social Development Unit
State Secretariat for Citizenship and Equality
State Department of Education
Foreign Service and borders
Jesuit Refugee Service
teaching establishments


The team is another very important part of this collaboration network on which ComParte is based. Its main purpose is to cultivate relationships of quality and growing depth with Pros and Decision-makers, also mediating the interaction between these parties.

Thus, the ComParte team is specialized in asking experts questions and promoting their collaboration, through the facilitation of meetings and constructive feedback modes.

From psychology to art, with a path that includes family and community systemic intervention, she has been with ComParte since the beginning. The connection to young people and the search for different forms of expression are the common ground between the experiences that inspire her the most!

Bruna Alves
ComParte & Education. Strategy and Vision

Passionate about people and their stories, she believes that sharing is a powerful portal of change through understanding the other. Proud left-handed, she loves connecting with others and discovering their worlds.

Marta Trindade
Share & Integration . Strategy and Vision

She likes a crowded house, people’s company and learning through good conversations. She loves the power of music and dance as forms of connection and relationship. The energy comes from everyday differences, the constant challenges and the surprise of the results.

Mariana Colaço
Project management

Fabricio Reis

Isis Capucha
ComParte & Education

Teresa Soares
Education and Integration

Diaby Abdourahamane
Pro in the Team

We also count on the essential contribution of:

Maria Minas Methodology Consultant
Margarida Alpuim Methodology Consultant
Emanuele Siracusa Photography
João Garrinhas Photography and Video
Tomás Nolasco Photography and Video
Manuel Barbosa de Melo Design


ComParte's mission is based on working in partnership with various organizations that share common purposes and complementary methodologies. We propose to establish relationships of trust and mutual appreciation, generating collective benefits.



ComParte also has an extensive network of friends who contribute informally to its continuous construction and improvement with suggestions, ideas, making their presence felt and supporting the project in different ways. It is for this reason that at ComParte's house we have a wall of gratitude, where we recognize the contribution of all who are part of the construction of this project!

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